2019-2020 Competition Schedule


America’s Best National Championship: 12/6/2019-12/8/2019
Inferno – 2nd Place

Empower – 1st Place

Unleashed – 3rd Place

NCA Midwest Open: 1/11/2020-1/12/2020

Ignite – 3rd Place

Inferno – 2nd Place

Empower – 1st Place

Unleashed – 5th Place

Jamfest LIVE!: 1/25/2020
Believe – pending

Wicked – pending

Miracle- pending

Rockstar Champions League: 2/7/2020 – 2/9/2020

Ignite – pending

Inferno – pending

Empower – pending

Unleashed – pending

Jamfest Kansas City Championship: 2/15/2020 – 2/16/2020

Believe -pending

Wicked – pending

Miracle -pending

Ignite -pending

Inferno -pending

Empower -pending

Unleashed -pending

COA Mid America Nationals:  3/7/2020 – 3/8/2020

Wicked -pending

Miracle -pending

Ignite  -pending

Inferno  -pending

Empower  -pending

Unleashed  -pending

US Finals Chicago: 4/4/2020 – 4/5/2020
Ignite  -pending

Inferno  -pending

Empower  -pending

Unleashed  -pending

D2 Summit: 5/8/2020 – 5/10/2020

Empower – pending


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